At Delhi Center, our community is like family and our dedicated staff are on “the frontlines,” ensuring our community has access to the food and services they need during this unprecedented pandemic. Our commitment extends to keeping you informed through social media and by updating our website frequently.  


Here are some milestones we have accomplished over the past several weeks, and all of us here at Delhi Center pledge to continue in our efforts in the weeks to come.  




  • 200 boxes of non-perishable food donated by Second Harvest OC are being distributed by drive-through pick up and doorstep delivery. 

  • Our goal is to add meat, dairy, and fresh produce when available.

  • Families that are not served are linked to other food resources. 



Clients have been greatly impacted due to layoffs, reduction of work hours, and having to dip into their savings. Delhi Center staff are: 


  • Assisting clients with utility bill extension payment plans, stopping disconnections, and enrolling clients in utility discount programs, with savings of 20-30%.

  • Enrolling clients in no and low-cost internet service connections. 

  • Linkage to resources in the areas of unemployment benefits, support for undocumented workers in different industries, enrolling families in public assistance such as CalFresh and CalWorks, providing guidance on rental eviction prevention, etc. 

  • Assisting business clients to access CARE Act loans and other financial resources. 

  • Assisting undocumented residents to access financial resources and legal services. 


TEENS ENGAGED IN LEARNING & LEADERSHIP (TELL) – Teens are working with their Program Coordinator via different technological tools: 


  • Assisting younger siblings with homework in Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. 

  • Creating YouTube podcasts and videos with advice on surviving COVID-19. 

  • Learning to navigate and create Excel spreadsheets from activities and projects provided by the Program Coordinator.   

  • Finalizing their personal PowerPoint presentations, which they will present via Zoom video conferencing. 

  • Viewing guest speaker workshops from Child Guidance on bullying, suicide, self-care, and stress management. 

  • Making face masks at home with materials provided by the Program Coordinator to help teens become self-sufficient during these trying times. 

  • Daily journal entries to express feelings with weekly check-ins with the Program Coordinator via Zoom to address mental health and well-being. 

Food Distrubution
Food Distrubution

Community Benefiting from Food Boxes
Community Benefiting from Food Boxes

TELL Program
TELL Program

Food Distrubution
Food Distrubution